presently: HEROES
  this is: EXECUTION

about the donatrices:

Porpentine  Charity  Heartscape   is  a 
writer,   game   designer   and   cyber 
hellscape  dung  beetle.    She's  been 
displayed  at the  National Gallery  of 
Denmark,  EMP Museum,  and  The  Museum 
of the  Moving Image,  profiled by  the 
NYTimes,  and commissioned by Vice  and 
Rhizome. She is a 2016 Creative Capital 
Emerging   Fields   /   2016   Sundance 
Institute's   New  Frontier  Story  Lab 
fellow and a  2017 Whitney Biennialist.

Rook  is  a  Vancouver-based  musician, 
game  designer,   trash  rodent  glitch 
acolyte, and pixel artist. She has been
covered on PC Gamer and Kill Screen for
her   work  on  the  gothic   americana 
adventure game Fallow, and has released
two   albums,    an   EP,   and various 

about the framer:

cas spiral  is a banshee  and the world 
raid for this umbral cycle. she's doing 
an mfa in digital language art at brown